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Federico Aubele

Featuring: TBA

"I'm just tired of being a foreigner," says Federuci Aubele who has been living away from his native Argentina (in Berlin & Barcelona) an touring the world for 5 years, " I need to go back home to Buenos Arires." Despite some of the remaining effects from Argentina's economic and political crisis in 2001, Aubele loves Buenos Aires. "It's like going out with a crazy, but incredibly beautiful, charming and seductive woman. he might drive you insane at times, but when you take a step back and look at her, you're reminded how much you love her and why."

At the tender age of eleven, a friend convinced Federico Aubele to be a couple of Beatles and start playing guitar -- "You'll be George, I'll be John," he said. His friend eventually became interesed in literature, but for Aubele it was too late -- he was infected by the music buy. From there he delved into music in all its forms and became an avid vinyl junkie. A few months here as a Kinks fan, a couple weeks there as a Ramones fan, many more months listening to Mozart -- follwoed by Wes Montgomery, Jimmy mith, Vinicius, and Tom Jobim all became an important part of his record collection. In time he discovered the avant garde Argentinian tango composer and bandoneonist Astor Piazzolla.