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Medici Musica Productions Presents:Grand Fatilla

Featuring: Mike Rivard - Bass
Roberto Cassan - Accordian
Matt Glover - Electric Mandolin
Fabio Pirozzolo - Percussion, Vocals

A world fusion quartet spanning ages of folkloric styles of music from across the globe. Grand Fatilla consists of bassist Mike Rivard, electric mandolinist Matt Glover, accordionist Roberto Cassan and percussionist and singer Fabio Pirozzolo.

Grand Fatilla jumps from Argentine Tangos to Italian Tarantellas...from Turkish sacred Sufi songs to Irish reels...Moroccan trance to Bulgarian dance music, all performed with an emphasis on improvisational group interplay and playful spontaneity. In this age of heightened global consciousness the repertoire that Grand Fatilla performs acknowledges and pays homage to the idea that it is indeed One World that we all live in, and the music of diverse cultures enriches us all.

Each member of the band brings a distinct flavor and area of expertise in different World music styles to their collective sound: Cassan and Pirozzolo both hail from Italy and play locally with the Italian folk group Newpoli, and both have also intensely explored various Balkan musics; Glover came to Boston from his native Newfoundland where he absorbed the Celtic influences and fiddle music of that area, as well as studying the South Indian stylings of mandolinist U. Srinivas. Rivard, who is the founder of Club díElf and is also a member of local Indian-jazz group Natraj, has a passion for North African music, especially Berber and Gnawa music from Morocco, leading him to study the Sintir, which is a 3-stringed bass lute used by the Gnawa in their ceremonies. The group has a special love for Brazilian composer Hermeto Pascoal, often performing his beautiful composition "Little Church" (which they first heard on Miles Davisís Live/Evil album), as well as a deep affinity for Argentine Astor Piazzolla and his Tango compositions. Original compositions by the band members inspired by the folk and world music influences they share round out the groupís repertoire.