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"Sol y Canto is Rosi and Brian Amador, backed by a group of extraordinary players...[their music is] ... unfailingly inspiring. The Amadors and their cohorts bring a tremendous virtuosity to their music.." -Billboard Magazine

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Sol y Canto's 4th Annual - Gracias, Mamá: a Concert Celebrating Mothers & Daughters on Mothers' Day Weekend

Featuring: Rosi Amador (Puerto Rico/Argentina) - Lead Vocals/Bongó/MAMI
Brian Amador (New Mexico, U.S.) - Guitarist/Composer/Musical Director/PAPI
Renato Thoms (Panamá) - percussion
Jorge Roeder (Perú) – bass
Tim Mayer (U.S.) - sax, flute
Rafael Alcalá (México) - piano

and Special Guests: Alisa & Sonia Amador, 15 year old twins

Sol y Canto's 4th Annual - Gracias, Mamá: a Concert Celebrating Mothers & Daughters on Mothers' Day Weekend featuring Rosi Amador, husband Brian Amador and their twin 15 year old daughters Sonia & Alisa Amador with the Sol y Canto sextet

The three-time Boston music award-winning Latin duo of Rosi Amador (Puerto Rico/Argentina) on lead vocals and bongos and husband Brian Amador (New Mexico) on Spanish guitar and vocals, backed by their ensemble of Latin virtuosi on flute, sax, percussion, bass and piano, will deliver songs honoring mothers and daughters, along with very special guests, twin daughters Alisa and Sonia, who have been singing with their parents since they were two years old. Now 15, with their mature singing voices well on their way, they will sing on their own in their inimitable twin harmonies and with their Mami as well as their Papi, Brian and the rest of Sol y Canto as their accompanists. Listen to songs of social justice, love, whimsical and poignant, from these 27-year Latin troubadours dedicated to creating music that connects audiences to the richness of Latin American culture; links individuals to each other through a shared experience of music, poetry, and humor; and inspires people to envision and create a better world.

Here’s what you can expect the girls to sing: "Blue Skies" by Irving Berlin; Cuban hit 40's classic "Quizás, Quizás, Quizás" (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps) by Arturo Farres with English lyrics by Joe Davis; "Madre" - Mother's Day song (salsa) by Brian Amador and some brand *new* surprises by Alisa and Sonia, who now also play the guitar and sing their hearts out!