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“Multi-ethnic superband… a 31 flavor of musical ice cream, the band remains deeply rooted in tradition.”
-Creative Loafing, Savannah GA

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Featuring: Yuriana Sobrino - Timbal, Bongó & Vocals
Manolo Mairena - Vocals & Percussion
Felipe Salles - Tenor Saxophone
Rebecca Cline - keyboards
Jared Sims - Alto Saxophone
Ernesto Díaz - Congas & Djembe
David Rivera - Drums
Alex Alvear - Bass & Vocals
Gonzalo Grau - Percussion & Vocals, keyboards

Alex Alvear & Mango Blue blends an exciting mixture of musical styles to create a refreshing new sound in Afro-Latin and World music, through songs of celebration and social conscience. Alex Alvear & Mango Blue is a high-powered, all-original music ensemble that has delighted audiences and promoters alike, throughout the Americas with its infectious sound. Led by Ecuadorian composer, bassist and singer Alex Alvear, this invigorating hybrid playfully integrates a wide array of influences from Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Funk to Caribbean Roots, with a strong rhythmical foundation that draws from diverse Afro-Latin musical traditions. This stylistic fusion allows for a concoction that translates into music that transcends ethnic boundaries, providing a new color in the Latin music palette.

The members of this band come from different parts of the world including Venezuela, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the US and Ecuador and are among the best instrumentalists in the region.

Alvear's credits include recordings and/or performances with internationally acclaimed artists such as Celia Cruz, Orlando "Puntilla" Rios, Paquito D'Rivera, Larry Harlow, Afrocubism, Isaac Delgado, Jimmy Haslip, Johnatha Brooke, Raul Midon, Isaac Delgado, Larry Harlow and Israel "Cachao" Lopez, to name a few. Two productions Alvear has taken part in have been nominated to the Grammys including Paquito D'Rivera's "Paquito D'Rivera Presents: Las Hermanas Marquez" and Gonzalo Grau's "Frutero Moderno."