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"Carpenter leads a superb band of New York- based vanguardists, and while most of the solos ditch period authenticity and employ a vocabulary that contains ideas from the next 90 years of jazz history, his sharp arrangements retain the contrapuntal flash, sweet voicings and fiery rhythms of the original era."
- Peter Margasak, DOWN BEAT

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Brian Carpenter's Ghost Train Orchestra

Featuring: Brian Carpenter - trumpet
Dennis Lichtman - clarinet
Andy Laster - alto sax
Matt Bauder - tenor sax
Curtis Hasselbring - trombone
Mazz Swift - violin and vocal
Brandon Seabrook - banjo
Ron Caswell - tuba
Rob Garcia - drums

Before the emergence of the big-bands of the 1930s, following themodels of Fletcher Henderson in New York and Bennie Moten in Kansas City, a variety of visions for the larger jazz ensemble developed all over the US. Featuring smaller horn sections and less standardized rhythm sections than the later big-bands, these units had colorful and often eccentric sounds. With Hothouse Stomp, their debut release, Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra. performs new arrangements ofmusic by four such seminal bands from 1920s Chicago and Harlem: Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Orchestra,McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, Fess Williams’ Royal Flush Orchestra, and Tiny Parham and His Musicians.

Full of loving attention to period detail combined with utterly contemporary energy and attitude, not to mention state-of-the-art production, Hothouse Stomp delivers the rich experience of transporting the listener to the past andusing that past to transform the future. The album was produced by Grammy award winner Danny Blume (TheKlezmatics, Sex Mob). Artist Molly Crabapple, best known for founding Dr. Sketchy’s in NYC, created thelovingly detailed illustrations of the bandleaders in a CD booklet which evokes yet updates the graphic style of the1920s. Hothouse Stomp will be enjoyed by a hip young audience exploring outside the mainstream of today's rock, pop and jazz, as well as "purists" of early jazz.

The Ghost Train Orchestra was formed in 2006 after Carpenter was selected as the musical director for VoltaicVaudeville, an event marking the 90th anniversary of the historic Regent Theater in Arlington, MA. Since then the band has performed regularly in New York City, home of all its members except the leader, a Boston resident. Hothouse Stomp was recorded at Avatar Studios in Manhattan after a string of monthly shows at Brooklyn’s intimate club Barbes. Carpenter arranged the music with added strings, voice, and musical saw, all inspired by thehaunting beauty of the original compositions.

In 2001, Carpenter moved to Boston to direct a film documentary on the life and legacy of Albert Ayler with agroup of MIT and NYU film students. From 2001-2005 he produced the free-form experimental radio show “FreeAssociation” on WZBC-FM at Boston College, and continues to produce radio programs there. Carpenter leads and composes original music for the sprawling Boston-based band Beat Circus, whose critically-acclaimed album Boy From Black Mountain won the Independent Music Award for Best Alt/Country Album in 2010. Earlier thisyear Carpenter debuted a new band called Brian Carpenter & The Confessions, whose music is primarily song-oriented, with Carpenter as lead singer and lyricist. In addition, Carpenter recently recorded with Larkin Grimmand on last year’s Swans album My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky.

The Ghost Train Orchestra features an outstanding roster of talent: clarinetist Dennis Lichtman (King Wilkie), alto saxophonist Andy Laster (Matt Darriau’s Ballin’ The Jack), tenor saxophonist Matt Bauder (AnthonyBraxton), trombonist Curtis Hasselbring (Matt Darriau’s Ballin’ The Jack), violinist and vocalist Mazz Swift(Burnt Sugar), banjoist Brandon Seabrook (Seabrook Power Plant), tubist Ron Caswell (Beat Circus, Slavic SoulParty), and drummer Rob Garcia (Woody Allen Band, Joseph Jarman)