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"What hits hardest about Atlas Soul's sound is the natural funk of North African music and also powerful vocals, which span fluid, passionate Gnawa melodies and husky Raļ hooks. There is great wisdom in a world-music outfit that embraces divergent genres (but not so many that the sound loses its identity"
- Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide

Atlas Soul

Featuring: Jacques Pardo (France) - Sax, Guitar, Lead Vocals
Anwar Maghreb (Morocco) - Lead Vocals
Jon Simmons (USA) - Trombone, Vocals
Nadjim Kebir (Algeria) - Drum, Vocals
Tim Paul Weiner (USA) - Bass, Vocals
Boujemaa Razgui (Morocco) - Percussions, Ney, Vocals
Regie Gibson(USA) - Slam Poesy, Lead Vocals
Walid Zairi(Tunisia) - Oud, Vocals
Perry Bakalos(USA) - Guitar, Vocals

Atlas Soul is a band performing original music that celebrates and bridge Afro-Mediterranean melodies & grooves with Jazz & Funk thus naturally creating unique & powerful genres of music one could describe as Maghrebian-Funk, Rapn Ra and Shabi-Jazz.

Expect a powerful, energetic & tight live performance guaranty to move any audience!

They have played countless prestigious venues both here and abroad such as The Montreal Jazz Festival, The Kennedy Center, The Festival International de Louisiane, Montreal Africa Nights Festival, Boston Globe Jazz Festival etc..

Atlas Soul sings in French, Arabic, Hebrew and English. The lyrics speak of love, natural wonders, oppression, poverty, and of the melancholy of immigrants.

They have won or placed 3 times the Independent Music Awards, the Billboard World Song, The Unisong International, Global Rhythm Magazine, Just Plain Folks Music Awards, Boston Music Awards and many more..

"Atlas Soul's blend of jazz, funk and Middle-Eastern/Arabic grooves is a fascinating sonic stew that will catch any listener's ear. This is their second appearance on our CD's compilation. We like'em, and you will too". Global Rhythm Magazine

Philosophically and politically, Atlas Soul hopes to inspire world peace through a fusion of music and culture that gets people to the dance floor.

Their motto is world-music-for-world-peace.

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