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"A liquor honey voice, deft guitar work and slightly melancholic tones that meld to form an aching and elegant aural tapestry."
- Ben Evans, Huffington Post Entertainment

Samantha Farrell

Featuring: Samantha Farrell - Vocals, guitar
Dave D'aranjo - bass
Chris DeSanty- drums
Michael Valdez- keys
Laurence Scudder- viola

Often, the first thing people say they notice about Samantha Farrell is a yellow shock of extremely curly hair. The second thing that people notice, and the thing they never forget, is her voice. Her tone is totally unique and yet familiar all at once; at times playfully lilting and undulating, other times a sexy murmur, and a raspy declaration. An accomplished songwriter, 7 of her tunes have been featured on major network television shows, (ABC, CW, CBS) and her last full length album, Luminous, produced by the late founding member and saxophonist of Dave Matthews Band, LeRoi Moore, shot up to #7 on the national iTunes pop charts. Her latest EP, Softly Swooning World, is a gorgeous, jazzy, folk flavored 18-minute moment, which somehow manages to be sparing and lush, simultaneously. You can find it on iTunes, and for more info, check out

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