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"Boston has no shortage of klezmer bands, but Ezekiel's Wheels has a playfully inventive style which makes it one of the best."
- Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review

"An Utterly Unique Circus of Sound"
- Boston Metro on Klezwoods

The Regattabar Klezmer Music Festival:Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band CD release show + Klezwoods

Ezekiel's Wheels Klezmer Band BIO:
Internationally-recognized klezmer ensemble Ezekiel’s Wheels brings passion, virtuosity, and contagious energy to every performance. The Wheels improvise with the intimacy of chamber music and the intensity of a rowdy dance band. They are equally at home on the stage of the International Jewish Music Festival, where judges heralded them as “a true musical democracy,” as in the classroom, where sixth-grade student Jonathan raised his hand to tell them, “Y’all got swag."

Klezwoods BIO:
Klezwoods is an amalgam of strings, horns and percussion. The virtuosic ensemble blends Klezmer, Balkan and Arabic music traditions with modern rhythms, improvisation, original songs and arrangements that inspire creativity and cultural diversity through music.

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