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"Sosa's Davis-like reputation as an uncompromising artist who does his own thing, regardless of trends, makes him a perfect choice for this project, and he does not disappoint. It's stunning!"

Omar Sosa Afri-Lectric Sextet

Featuring: Joo Kraus, trumpet (Germany)
Leandro Saint-Hill, saxophones and flute (Cuba)
Peter Apfelbaum on saxophones and percussion (U.S.A.)
Omar Sosa, piano (Cuba)
Marque Gilmore, drums (U.S.A.)
Childo Tomas on electric bass (Mozambique)

Omar Sosaís new project began as a commission from the Barcelona Jazz Festival in 2009. The assignment: to compose and produce a tribute performance to Miles Davisí classic recording, Kind Of Blue, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. Inspired by various musical elements and motifs from Kind Of Blue, Omar wrote a suite of music honoring the spirit of freedom in Davisí seminal work. Featuring trumpet and two saxophones, Eggun provides a medium for musical elements from Africa to shape and develop the music. The resulting jazz textures are further enhanced by the subtle and expressive use of electronic elements. At the heart of the recording is the spirit of Mother Africa.

The featured horn players are Joo Kraus on trumpet (Germany), Leandro Saint-Hill on saxophones and flute (Cuba), and Peter Apfelbaum on saxophones and percussion (U.S.A.). Omarís longtime rhythm section, Marque Gilmore on drums (U.S.A.) and Childo Tomas on electric bass (Mozambique), create the foundation.

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