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On Zili Misik:
"From its visual aesthetic (members often match in elegant white linen) to its pan-global palette to its rallying cry for social justice, the band offers a feast for the senses."
- Boston Globe

On Cruzamente
"Lutchinha is a mesmerizing performer, so charismatic the eyes of the audience can be torn away only by the spellbindingly compelling solos and ensemble work of the versatile Cruzamente."
- Dillon Bustin, Director, Madison Park Development Corporation

Zili Misik & Cruzamente Double bill

Featuring: Zili Misik
Kera Washington, percussion/vocals
Alexandria Pierre-Etienne, sax/vocals
Stephanie Baird, trombone/vocals
Lexi Havlin, guitar/vocals
Jobeth Umali, drums/vocals
Kana Dehara, keys/vocals
Joanna Maria, bass

Lutchinha, lead vocals
Laurie Goldsmith, guitar, electric bass
Marion Campos-Gullotti, guitar, cavaquinho
Soohee Moon, piano
Ririka Tokushige, saxaphone
Tal Shalom-Kobi, upright bass, accordian
Miki Matsuki, drums


Zili Misik is a 8-piece ALL FEMALE band that performs New World SOUL:dance and roots music of the African Diaspora! Zili music reconnects Haitian roots, jazz, highlife, reggae, samba, Cuban son, gospel and neo-soul.


Cruzamente, is a Boston-based, all-female band led by lead singer Maria "Lutchinha" Neves, who hails from the island of Sao Vincente and has performed and recorded worldwide for over twenty years, alongside other major Cape Verdean artists.
"Cruzamente" means "crossroads", reflective of not only the variety of musical styles from Cape Verde that they perform, but also reflective of all the band members rich instrumentation, diverse nationalities and their varied musical backgrounds.
The combination of Lutchinha, with her natural charisma and warm voice, and the individual talents within the band has proven to be a huge success. They bring a rich and original approach to both the traditional and contemporary songs they perform. Cruzamente is pure entertainment and audiences cannot help but step to the dance floor to join them in celebration of their infectious music! The band is thrilled to be celebrating the release of their first studio recording, self-titled "Cruzamente" at the Regattabar!

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