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"Demonstrating their knack for blending pop song tunefulness with free improvisation, the quartet's intense rapport elevates even simple themes into complex harmonies and heady rhythmic structures, making for the finest album of their career."
- All About Jazz

Human Feel featuring Jim Black, Andrew D'Angelo, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Chris Speed

Featuring: Jim Black, drums
Andrew D’Angelo, alto sax, bass clarinet
Kurt Rosenwinkel, guitar
Chris Speed, tenor sax, flute

Human Feel - feat. Jim Black (drums) / Andrew D’Angelo (as/bc) / Kurt Rosenwinkel (gui) / Chris Speed (ts/fl)

Human Feel’s music was characterised by an important critic as “a mystic language from a place where voyages begin”. Downbeat called them “a promising new leading edge of jazz” and wrote “This nouveau chamber group is willing to risk inciting the guests to riot and wreck the chamber”.

Founded in the late 80ties by Seattleites Jim Black, Andrew D’Angelo and Chris Speed, they later hooked up with Kurt Rosenwinkel in Boston @ Berklee College of Music in the early 90ties, and Kurt joined the band from there on.

After their eponymous debut release caught the ear of Gunther Schuller , he picked up their 2nd album entitled “Scatter” and released it on GM in the spring of 1991.

Following the Boston years they all subsequently relocated to New York City, and became mainstays on the “downtown” scene, performing at venues like Knitting Factory & Tonic. They released their 3rd Human Feel album entitled Welcome to Malpesta (New World) in 1994 followed by their album “Speak to it” on Songlines in 1997. Then their individual careers took them in different directions until they reunited again in 2007 for the album “Galore” and some subsequent touring in Europe.

Now the band is re-uniting for the first time since “Galore”, and are ready to continue the adventure with a new album already recorded at “The Loove” in Brooklyn and to be released June 2014.

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