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"Regina Benedetti is a soulful artist! Charming singer-songwriter who understands how to speak to the heart and describe feelings...Musician with rhythm and passion!"

- Evandro Oliva (vocalist and vocal coach)

Regina Benedetti

Regina Benedetti is a Brazilian singer, composer and percussionist, and a graduate of Bachelor of Psychology. Regina used to work in a field related to “Music therapy” with elderly people. She won many competitions and festivals of authorial compositions in Brazil. Also, Regina used to live in Italy in 2003, where she performed as a singer, composer, and in the theater. Moreover, in 2008, Regina recorded her first CD “Juras”. In 2012, Regina performed at the festival in homage to the 80 years of “João Gilberto, the “Father” of the Bossa-Nova” at Juazeiro, Bahia – Brazil, with big names of the MPB (Music Popular from Brazil) as “João Bosco” and “Maestro Aderbal Duarte”. In 2012 her second CD entitled “O Canto da Sereia” by Guaruba Produções, which was indicated to the Latin Grammy Awards in 2012. More than that, Regina’s work pieces are one of the most powerful tools for the views and the interpretations from the Brazilian music. In addition, Regina showed through her music, the aesthetical aspects from Brazil, when she lectured at Harvard University about the “11th Brazilian’s Ethnic Culture” in April, 2013. To conclude, the CD “O Canto da Sereia” approaches typically Afro-Brazilian rhythms as “Ijexá”, “Xote”, “Baião”, “Maracatu”, among other rhythms. Currently, Regina is playing in shows across the United States of America. The unique mix of strength and sensibility are the reasons Regina Benedetti is a very interesting artist. - See more at:

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