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"Ebinho Cardoso is considered one of the biggest revelations of the Brazilian Bass recently for the way that he uses sophisticated chords progression, altered tunings with great refinement and other techniques on his instrument."
- Nilton Wood, COVER Baixo 53(Bass Magazine)

Ebinho Cardoso

Ebinho Cardoso is a virtuous on his instrument. For the singularity of his music and technique is one of the most respected Brasilian bassists of the new generation. Composer, arranger, singer and researcher, uses atypical elements of the electric bass, showing the bass possibilities as a accompaniment instrument, as solo and especially in harmony, this is the characteristic of his performance that combines precision and refinement. It brings together traces of Jazz with the peculiarities of the classical and popular Brazilian music.

Innovative in his creation, Ebinho Cardoso research for several years as the possibilities of bass as an harmonic instrument, resulted in his book "Harmony and Chord Dictionary Applied to the Electric Bass", which shows numerous application possibilities and chord progressions, and a dictionary with more than 400 shapes, also showing the technique used in the chords execution. The book, which had its first edition in 2005, is reviewed by Ian Guest and Sidnei Duarte, with a preface by Arthur Maia.

From his research and innovation, has been prominent in national and international scene. Released in 2009 the cd "No Rastro dos Ruidos Remotos das Rodas da Infância" for the British label CURVE Music, this cd has the participation of the mandolinist Hamilton de Holanda. Also in 2009 he released the instructional dvd "Técnicas alternativas para Baixo Elétrico - Alternative techniques for Eletric Bass" by the HMP publisher. Ebinho won by the Culture Ministry the award of the Pixinguinha Project for his “Cerrado” project, with the Ebinho Cardoso Quartet. The Pixinguinha Project made it possible to realize a circuit of performances and also recording the cd "Cerrado", released in 2010.

Ebinho has performed in Jazz Festivals and Instrumental Music Festivals in Brazil and US, and important projects like the afore mentioned Pixinguinha, Amazon Arts, Instrumental SESC, Brazil Circular, Cover Baixo, Baixo Brazil, among others. Always reverenced wherever he goes as "the new revelation of the Brazilian bass." Invited by Jim Stinnett, Ebinho performed and taught classes in 2010, 2011 and 2012, at the New Hampshire Bass Fest and Bass Workout, in Candia - US. Also in 2010 released the album Bass Family, recorded in Boston - USA. Ebinho released in 2011a duet with the cavaquinho player Pedro Vasconcellos, the album "A Comédia do Coração - The comedy of the Heart." Also in 2011 he released the cd “Elements Trio”, a project created with the bass partners Grant Stinnett and Sérgio Groove.

Ebinho Cardoso shared the stage with big names in the music world as Abraham Laboriel, Toninho Horta, Joe Hunt, Michael Manring, Dave Samuels, Marshall Wood, Carlos Malta, Todd Johnson, Phil Granadier, Renato Braz, Celso Pixinga, Arthur Maia, Marku Ribas, Nelson Faria and others.

In his history, he founded in 2001 the Volume - Music Volunteers - An Association that seeks to promote music in Mato Grosso and through it created the Music Week, an qualification event that brings together established names of Brazilian instrumental music. Ebinho Cardoso was the music coordinator of the Chapada dos Guimarães Winter Festival from 2005 to 2008. He is the Mastermind and curator of the Chapada In Jazz Festival, in Chapada dos Guimarães, that happends every year in September, since 2009.

Ebinho was selected by the "Itaú Cultural" program, in 2004-2005. It also participated in the compilations: "The Essential Mato Grosso", released in Miden, France, in 2005, "Instrumental Nordeste" released on the Music Fair in Fortaleza CE, Brazil and the collection "Musica do Mato."

The article entitled The new revelations of the Brazilian Bass (Cover Baixo Magazine - Feb. 2007) says: ¨ Ebinho Cardoso can redefine the course of the Bass in the music of the world¨. It is with this goal that Ebinho Cardoso opens a door to the new school of Brazilian bass.

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