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"The music of Charlie Parker and me laid a foundation for all the music that is being played now... Our music is going to be the classical music of the future."
- Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie All-Stars

Featuring: Freddy Hendrix, Trumpet
Mark Gross, Alto Sax
Dave Stryker, guitar
Jeb Patton, piano
John Lee, bass
Tommy Campbell, drums

History has produced its share of great artists and great people - John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie was both. As a performer, he left behind an incredible record of innovation and inspiration; as a composer, a broad repository of musical masterpieces; and as a man, a legion of friends, colleagues and compatriots who remember him with the same degree of love and esteem they reserve for his work.

"Try to imagine jazz at this point in history" wrote Jonathan Yardly in the Washington Post shortly after Dizzy's death in January 1993, "without 'Night in Tunisia' or 'Manteca' or 'Con Alma' or 'Woddy 'n' You' and you have imagined the unimaginable."

Officially authorized by Lorraine Gillespie, and under the leadership of Dizzy's long-time bassist John Lee, a selection of ensembles of varying sizes were formed, featuring many of the wide variety of musicians who worked with Dizzy plus some newer talents from the jazz scene. Together they are working to continue the legacy of both the music and the personality of this great jazz master who had such a profound impact on twentieth century music.

The Dizzy Gillespie™ All-Stars are excited to return to the Regattabar for the first time since 1994. Don't miss the rare opportunity to see the descendants of the legendary Bebop trumpeter up close.

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