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"Harris tiptoes and pirouettes across a relaxed set of ballads and lightly soulful grooves, he possesses a spare style and a gentle touch."
- Jazz Times Magazine

The Kevin Harris Project

The Kevin Harris Project's 5th CD release concert tour.

The album, "Bird Interpretations", is a collection of Kevin's arrangements of specific Charlie Parker compositions. A trio album where the selective and engaging notes of the three talented musicians, Kevin Harris (piano), Francisco Mela (drums), and Ben Street (bass), carry the listener to a fresh and captivating view on Parker's music.

One of the captivating elements of the Kevin Harris Project is the level of comfort and understanding they have with one another as they dive into soulfully expressive conversations and playful exchanges of ideas. Both live and recorded performances reflect Harris's determination to capture his audience through explorative interactions that Terri Lyne Carrington describes as "an exciting commitment to quality".

Most recently, Kevin has performed on the national and international stage with Greg Osby, Avishai Cohen, Eddie Gomez, Jerry Bergonzi, Terri Lyne Carrington, Tommy Campbell, Frank Lacy, and Bill Pierce.  

Fred Hersch talks of Harris as one who "plays and writes with flair and real soul", and Downbeat Magazine writes that "Harris' compositions deal with themes of strength, love, courage, and self-awareness. It's a heavy task he's set up for himself, and he meets the challenge gracefully."

Harris thrives on a courageously playful style of communication in music. A style, in his opinion, that requires a very special and sincere habit of listening and an equally patient endeavor to express oneself joyfully. He hopes that a typical interaction will always inspire the audience to walk away with a sense of joyful connectedness and community.

"Participation," he says, "is what keeps our souls alive."

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