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"The International String Trio has such a unique sound and a large repertoire of music, ranging from Bach to The Beatles, and from Elvis to Duke Ellington. The show was simply amazing!" - St. Petersburg News, Russia

"The Valinor Quartet brings style and a global flair to a repertoire that incorporates classical, jazz, popular and culturally diverse music including French, Russian, Klezmer, Tango, Gypsy Jazz and Film Soundtracks."

International String Trio & Valinor Quartet

Featuring: Slava Tolstoy - Guitar
Jakub Trasak - Violin
Victor Prieto - Accordion
Greg Feingold - Bass
Ippei Ichimaru - Bass

The International String Trio (IST) is a group of exceptionally talented musicians, all alumni of Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. The group prides itself on its stylistic diversity, delivering Gypsy jazz, Appalachian folk, acoustic world music (Irish, Klezmer, Russian, Italian, French, Bluegrass, etc.), virtuosic classical arrangements and popular songs from movie sound tracks.

The IST enjoys using the diverse cultural backgrounds of its members, hailing from Russia, Japan and Check Republic, to influence its stylistic diversity and unique performance aesthetic. Performing up to 120 events a year, including festivals, concert halls, jazz clubs, schools and universities, the IST is experienced at performing at a multitude of venues, thanks to its small size. Their shows are enormously entertaining, as the Trio strives to provide energetic yet intimate performances. Each and every performance the trio enjoys leading its audiences on a cultural musical journey, as they perform music from countries around the world. Through these means, their music is instantly appealing to a wide range of audiences, both large and small, young and old.

Valinor Quartet is a unique collaboration between Victor Prieto who is considered to be the leading jazz accordionist in the US and the International String Trio - Jakub Trasak (violin), Slava Tolstoy (guitar) and Greg Feingold (bass).

The all acoustic Valinor Quartet encompasses the diverse cultural backgrounds of its members, hailing from Russia, Spain, USA and Check Republic, to influence its stylistic diversity and unique performance aesthetic. The group!s riveting displays utilize a breathtaking range of styles - from classical to Beatles; from Gypsy Jazz to Klezmer, from popular movie soundtracks to Tango and a few surprises in between.

This multi-cultural concert experience instantly appeals to a wide range of audiences; large and small, young and old, from all walks of life. Their eclectic synergy explodes with buoyant energy, intimate acoustic dynamics, stylistically informed phrasing, and loving attention to detail.

When the future members of the quartet played together for the first time - they instantly new that something very special just happened."There is something magical about how the tone of accordion completes the sounds of our guitar / violin / bass trio" Tolstoy recalls.

What started as an informal jam session quickly evolved into a bustling sonic laboratory as the quartet steadily refined its repertoire and expanded its stylistic reach. The group has now honed its energetic concert program into an acoustic collection of articulate arrangements, exclusive to this rare instrumentation. Such shared proficiency is seldom seen or heard in today!s ever growing market of gimmicks and one dimensional music making.

Slava Tolstoy (guitar)
Slava's background includes studies of Composition and guitar performance at St.-Petersburg Jazz Conservatory, Russia. He received his Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Writing and Production from Boston's renowned Berklee College of Music, where he was a scholarship student. He founded the "International String Trio" in 1999 and developed a unique performance concept for the Int'l String Trio. Slava performs up to 200 shows a year all around the United Stated as a guitarist and a band leader with both IST and the Valinor Quartet.

Jakub Trasak (violin)
Jakub Trasak is one of the most talented and versatile violin players and producers of his generation. Born in Prague, Czech Republic he began playing violin at the age of three and his inborn talent for the instrument became quickly apparent.

Victor Prieto (accordion)
Grammy Nominee Victor Prieto is hailed by The New York Times as "A fiendishly skilled accordionist and composer" and by The All About Jazz as "One of the best World music and Jazz accordionists now days".

Greg Feingold (bass)
Greg started playing piano at the age of five and transitioned to bass when he was 10. He soon began performing all over the Chicagoland area with various groups. After graduating from the Chicago Academy for the Arts, Greg was given a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music.

Ippei Ichimaru (bass)
Ippei Ichimaru has been a professional bass player/arranger since 1991 in Australia and America. He does more than 250 performances a year and is one of the most active bass players in Boston.

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