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Photo credit: Jimmy Katz

"The patient leader assembles new melody lines with trenchant invention in solos that sound increasingly like purposeful narratives." - John Fordhamn - The Guardian

Ethan Iverson Trio

Featuring: Ethan Iverson - Piano
Ben Street - Bass
Victor Lewis - Drums

In a special Regattabar-only event, Bad Plus pianist Ethan Iverson joins forces with esteemed bassist Ben Street and legendary drummer Victor Lewis for a night of serious jazz.

While still best known for innovative and generation-defining The Bad Plus, Iverson has been steadily making inroads with a those deeply involved with the music's whole history. He participates in the critically-acclaimed Billy Hart quartet with Mark Turner and Ben Street and occasionally performs with an elder statesman like Albert "Tootie" Heath or Ron Carter. For over a decade Iverson's blog Do the Math has been a repository of musician-to-musician interviews and analysis, which is surely one reason Time Out New York selected Iverson as one of 25 essential New York jazz icons: "Perhaps NYC's most thoughtful and passionate student of jazz tradition--the most admirable sort of artist-scholar."

Ueli Bernays wrote of Mark Turner and Iverson performing in Switzerland: "Music is now open in all directions with overlapping historical references. In the dense fog of styles one finds no more right and no more wrong. Often one is satisfied with "better or worse" instead of "good and bad." Yet the pianist Ethan Iverson and saxophonist Mark Turner search together for timeless, absolute qualities. Both have what you originally expected in jazz but most don't dare to do anymore: an unmistakable personal style."

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