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"In his haunting high bass lines, (Peacock's) melodies linger, resolve and disappear. As for Copland, he is the right pianist for an album about atmosphere and mood. But his quietude is deceptive. His scattered fragments and his counterintuitive chords create continuous subtle diversions. Baron is also subtle and provocative, and essential as a colorist." - Thomas Conrad, Jazz Times

Gary Peacock Trio ft. Gary Peacock, Marc Copland & Joey Baron

Featuring: Gary Peacock - Bass
Marc Copland - Piano
Joey Baron - Drums

In the realm of the piano trio the bar is set high, and creative bassist Gary Peacock has helped raise it in the groups of Bill Evans, Paul Bley and Keith Jarrett. Now This is an album with the bassist's current trio, recorded in Oslo on July 2014. Powerful new versions of some Peacock classics - such as "Moor", "Vignette", "Requiem" and "Gaya" - are interspersed with recent compositions. Marc Copland and Joey Baron each contribute tunes, and the group also tackles Scott La Faro's "Gloria's Step". In this band, roles are very evenly shared, and this is an optimum context in which to appreciate the melodic invention of Peacock's bass playing. Marc Copland always honors the needs of the compositions and Joey Baron supplies both drive and sensitive detail. "