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"Brazilian Ebinho Cardoso is considered one of the most promising newcomers in the bass world for the way that he uses sophisticated chord progressions, alternative tunings and other refined techniques on his instrument."
Nilton Wood - COVER Baixo 53 (Bass Magazine)

Nando Michelin & Ebinho Cardoso: ENGENHEIROS Original Brazilian Songs Using Poems by Joćo Cabral de Melo Neto

Featuring: Nando Michelin - Piano
Ebinho Cardoso - Bass and Voice
Tucker Antell - Sax and Flute
Tiago Michelin - Drums
Rogerio Boccato - Percussion
Ian De Musis - Vocals

Special Guest Mirella Costa - Voice

Nando Michelin
Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Nando came to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music where he currently teaches. His discography includes over 14 CDs as a band leader, mostly original compositions, and several more as a sideman. His Cds include names of the caliber of Esperanza Spalding, Jerry Bergonzi, George Garzone, Antonio Serrano, Jeff Ballard, Claudio Ragazzi and Richie Barshay.
Performed at a variety of venues such as the Wang Center, Kimmel Center for the Arts, Smithsonian, Jordan Hall, Teatro Opera (Buenos Aires), Roy E. Disney Center for the Arts, among several Concert Halls across the US.

As a producer, he also recorded the awarded "Amores torcidos" and "The other side" with Katie Viqueira, "Ave rara" with Teresa Ines.

Nando is featured also in "Mind motions", "South American Suite","Timeline", "Departure", "The Ugandan Suite" and "Lullaby project", by Felipe Salles, "Son of Tigris" by Layth Sidiq and "Illegal grooves" by Nacho Gozalez. As a sideman, he performed with John Pattitucci, Eddie Gomez, Jerry Bergonzi, Randy Brecker, Jeff Ballard, Anat Cohen, George Garzone, Antonio Sanchez, Chico Pinheiro, David Liebman and MPB icons, Jair Rodrigues, Celso Adolfo, Jamelao, Lo Borges, Geraldo Azevedo, Flavio Venturini.

Nando is a very active educator, Associate Professor for the Piano Department at Berklee College of Music, Tufts University, and Longy Music School, and having lectured in Barcelona, Montevideo, Sao Paulo, Venezuela, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia and around the US.

Ebhino Cardoso
Ebinho Cardoso is a virtuoso on his instrument. Due to the uniqueness of his music and technique, he is one of the most respected Brazilian bassists. Composer, arranger, singer and producer, Ebinho uses atypical elements of the electric bass, showing its range of possibilities. In addition to playing the bass as an accompanying instrument or as a solo instrument, he has found a unique way of playing chords on the bass that characterize his playing style; a style that combines precision and refinement. In part, he is able to achieve his sound by tuning his instrument in new ways and at higher pitches. His music blends traces of jazz with the idiosyncrasies of classical music interwoven with the rich sounds of his native Brazil.

The result is his several years of study is his book, "Harmony and Chord Dictionary as Applied to the Electric Bass".

With several CDs and instructional DVDs Ebinho is now finishing the CD "Engenheiros" with pianist Nando Michelin, using poems by Brazilian laureate poet Joćo Cabral de Melo Neto. The article entitled "The Promising Newcomers of the Brazilian Bass (Revista Cover Baixo (Bass Cover Magazine) - February 2010) said: ̈ Ebinho Cardoso can redefine the course of the bass in music world wide ̈. With Ebinho's work over the past several years, we have already seen this prophecy in the making.

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