Senri Oe Birthday Special Premier Live: “Boys & Girls”

A great chance to see SENRI OE, Jazz Pianist and one of Japan's top music artists, with very unique career as a massively popular Japanese pop star of the 80s and 90s, who opted out of that stardom to follow this boyhood dream of becoming a jazz pianist in U.S. SENRI OE, will perform dramatic solo works featuring new tracks from his 5th album "Boys & Girls" named after one of his signature hit songs. Even though this self-covered jazz album themed `Pop meets jazz, Jazz meets pop', all tunes sound brand new compositions, it means he succeeded to create completely different world from the original pop songs.

Join us in celebrating his special album of `Boys & Girls' and his birthday, and his melodious jazz with a spice of romance, pureness, heartwarming, hesitation and sometimes a little bit craziness takes you on a journey to the nostalgia of your days as boys and girls'!

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