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Photo credit: Chuck Ferullo

"The expert Brazilian singer - passionate and learned - leads her terrific band in the classic Bossa and Samba 7 songbook, always with a few surprises mixed in." - The Phoenix

"Coelho is a fine singer who knows her stuff, and she has a talented pool of friends to draw on." - The Arts Fuse

Medici Musica Productions Presents Anita Coelho Brazilian Ensemble

Featuring: Anita Coelho - Vocals
Ebinho Cardoso - Bass, Piccolo Bass, Vocals
Maxim Lubarsky - Piano, Keyboards
Ricardo Borsatto - 7-String Guitar
Erico Menino - Percussion
... Including Some Very Special Guests!

Regattabar once again welcomes Anita Coelho and her Brazilian Ensemble to bring a fresh and vibrant take on Brazilian Bossa Nova in the company of some exceptionally talented musicians, to give Boston world music enthusiasts a taste of the best in Brazilian music!

Coelho is known for her sultry interpretations and contemporary arrangements of swinging Bossa Nova and Samba compositions from of Brazil's most renowned Brazilian composers the likes of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Paulinho da Viola, Milton Nascimento, and many more.

Joined by her ensemble of virtuoso artists, praised for their remarkable solos and delicate renditions of Brazilian music, Anita Coelho Brazilian Ensemble incorporates Coelho's powerful vocals with the mesmerizing rhythms and distinctive melodies of the rich music culture of Brazil.

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