Annie Royer and Les Garçons Musette Celebrating Bastille Day

The French have a word for this wonderful, professional Cabaret Jazz singer and performer. Extraordinaire!

Annie Royer, a native of Paris (France), settled in Boston, Massachusetts, for ten years, and now resident of Palm Beach, Florida. She has been captivating audience on both sides of the Atlantic with her musical and dramatic talents and her Gallic charm.

Her repertoire ranges from her specialty - soulful and haunting renditions of cabaret songs à la Edith Piaf - to other popular French tunes (Chevalier, Montand, Trenet, Mistinguett, Becaud, Aznavour), and lively performances of Broadway and Jazz favorites. Invariably, listeners of all ages respond with enthusiasm to her invitation for "request songs" in French and English.

Annie Royer's charismatic style is suited to and engages both, small and large audiences. She is a sought-after entertainer at Jazz Clubs, Concert Stages in Vegas, and Music Jazz Festivals.
The MFA Boston had invited her for Bastille's Day. Amazing concert 400 seats SOLD OUT. Annie has 2 recording Solo albums, 10 compilations and she is under HiGH NoTE Records.

Annie is performing all over the United States as well as in many other countries. Her band "Les Garçons Musette," all very talented and well known musicians, backs her.
Annie performed the show "EDITH PIAF FOREVER" all over the country with grand success. Annie has been singing Edith Piaf for a long time
This show is all about Edith Piaf, her life, her music, her passion, after the tremendous success of "La Mome " in France and the Oscar winner (best Actress for Marion Cotillard) for "La Vie en Rose".
La Vie en rose is will be and will stay forever in our heart. This show is with a lot of emotion, drama and professionalism...

"My wife, friends and I recently attended Annie Royer's Edith Piaf Show, and the chanteuse, accompanied by her talented band, Les Garcons Musettes, truly captivated and wowed the responsive audience. What an impact! Royer, the elegant cabaret performer who constantly strives for quintessential refinement, gave Piaf's all-consuming, expressive songs just the right passion and brio to touch the heart--and soul. Her strong voice and professional stage presence didn't change a bit over the years we have known Miss Royer. Succinctly stated, Annie Royer, donning both black and blond wigs and belting out such Piaf signature songs as "La Vie en Rose," and "Non, Je ne regrette rien," was at her regal apogee! I loved every minute of it. Piaf would have, too!."
Dr. Mel B. Yoken, Chancellor Professor of French, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

"Annie's understanding of the Cabaret Jazz and "the French song book" is impressive, to say the least. Her performances have pleased many in attendance at our Scullers Jazz Club Shows."
Eric Preusser, Co-Producer, Scullers Jazz Club Performances

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