Stephane Wrembel presents Django a Gogo on Tour with Speial Guest, Jacques Schwarz-Bart

Featuring: Stephane Wrembel, guitar
Thor Jensen, guitar,
Henry Acker, guitar
Ari Folman-Cohen, bass
David Langlois, percussion
Nick anderson, drums

Jacques Schwarz-Bart as Special Guest

A Celebration of Django Reinhardt

"Perhaps the most creative improviser in Gypsy jazz today, Mr. Wrembel plays the guitar with a rich and colorful lyricism." - NY Times, 2018

Imagined and founded by acclaimed guitarist and award winning composer Strephane Wrembel more than 10 years ago in New York City, Django a Gogo is a world class event that celebrates the music and the spirit of the great French guitar master, Django Reinhardt. Following the Django a Gogo concerts presented at the legendary Carnegie Hall in 2017 and at Town Hall NYC in 2018 and 2019, Stephane Wrembel is happy to present a special edition of Django a Gogo on Tour at Regattabar on September 14 2019. For the occasion, the Stephane Wrembel Band + special guests will present a true celebration of Django Reinhardt as a composer, as a guitarist, as a Gypsy, as a free thinker and as a traveler. The concert's repertoire follows the Django canon and veers into re-interpretation, improvisation and impressive interplay between the musicians. The band takes the music of Django Reinhardt as a starting point and celebrates the constant evolution of what is commonly referred to as Gypsy Jazz.


Originally from Fontainebleau in France, the home of Impressionism and Django, Stephane Wrembel has been based in the New York City region for the past 20 years and since his studies at Berklee. Wrembel is quite simply one of the finest guitar players in the world. The breadth and range of his playing and compositions are unmatched. To say that Wrembel-- who learned his craft among the Gypsies at campsites in the French countryside-- has already had a remarkable career would be an under-statement. This prolific, virtuoso guitarist has been releasing a steady stream of music since 2006 and has truly made his mark as one of the most original guitar voices in contemporary music. Stephane Wrembel is widely known for "Bistro Fada", the theme song from the 2011 Woody Allen Oscar winning film and Grammy Award winning soundtrack, Midnight In Paris. He has toured around the world, and is very active on the musical scene in many countries including USA, Canada, France, Israel and India. Recently, Stephane has performed as a headliner at the legendary Carnegie Hall and at The Town Hall in New York as well as at the Festival Django Reinhardt in France, the Montreal Jazz Festival and many other prestigious festivals and concert series.


Jacques Schwarz-Bart has been at the center of several musical revolutions: neo soul next to D'angelo and Erika Badu, New Jazz as a founding member of Roy HargroveRH Factor. He outright created two surging new styles: Gwoka Jazz, and Voodoo jazz, reuniting jazz music with its Afro-Caribbean and spiritual origins. Jacques' impressionistic writing, powerful tone, and wide-ranging language - both lyrical and angular - have fuelled a growing presence on the world stage.
Jacques' latest creation, entitled Hazzan, is a jazz interpretation of Jewish liturgical chants, irradiated by afro diasporic rhythms. Many of these chants carried the spirit of a people through 5775 years of history. This project is close to Jacques' heart, since it is a tribute to his late father, the writer André Schwarz-Bart. Being Black and Jewish, Jacques sees Hazzan as the « blossoming fruit of universal cross pollination.

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